We have well-developed manufacturing unit at Dadra, D & N.H. (Near Vapi) with installed capacity of 19,680 spindles. Our plant has been installed & erected by German Engineers and has capacity for production of 250 tons per month. Auto coned SIRO cleared cotton yarns for Weaving and Hosiery applications are manufactured by us using state-of-the-art machinery from Truzschler, Zinser, Suessen, Schlafhorst etc. We manage to meet the international standards due to our high capacity yarn conditioning machine (Welker make) and plan to expand in the future from the current 20,000 Spindles at present. The spinning of the yarn takes place in a fully computerized setup with online monitoring systems like Sliverdata, Ringdata, etc.

Manufacturing Facilities

Department & Name of Machine Remarks
Blow Room (2 Lines)
  • Line No.1
  • Blendomat BDT - 0190-EMA metal extractor LVSA-BOBA-AFC
  • ASTA-MPM6-BE-RSK 1200
  • Jossi Vision Shield
  • 236-CNT 1600-Loptex Sorter-DX 335
  • Line No.2 CS Opener-SE-SFD 1200-LVSA for processing synthetic
The blow room lines are more suitable for processing cottons and synthetic and equipped with metal detectors, two multi mixers, foreign particle extractor and micro dust extractor. Agentle treatment and homogeneous mixing can be achieved with this line. With includion of Jossi Vision Sheild and Loptex CCM cotton bales can be kept directly below bale plucker saving the cost of mixing preparation.
Carding (16 Cards)
  • Trutzchler DK740 with FBK 533 chute feed system (7 numbers).
  • Trutzchler DK 803 with FBK 533 (1 NO.)
  • Reiter C4 with FBK 533 (4 numbers)
DK 740 & DK803 Cards are provided both medium & long term Auto leveller (CFD/CCD).
Combing (11 combers)
  • Cherry Hara VC 300 (8 Nos.)
  • Reiter E7/6 (2 Nos.)
  • Zinser 730R (3 Nos.)
  • Reiter RSB 1
Cherry Hara combers are with additional PP nipper, which saves 1% noil by avoiding loss of long fibers in noil.
Lap Preparing Machines (2 Nos.)
  • Sliver Lap & Ribbon Lap Machines (2 pair)
Ribbon lap transport through conveyor belt, which helps in easy handiling of laps.
Drawings (7 Nos.)
  • Zinser 730 (2 NOs.).
  • Reiter SB 951(1 No.).
  • Zinser 730R (3 Nos.)
  • Reiter RSB 1
Excessive draw frame help us in working the draw frame on slower speed.
Speed Frame (6 Nos.) Zinser660 - 108 spindles Same roving angle reduces the stretch in the roving and the machines are equipped with Auto doffers.
Ring Frame (18 Nos.)
  • SuessenFiamax-El/Ell (2 Nos-Each 1200 spindles.)
  • Zinser 330HS (16 Nos-Each 1080 spindles)
  • Zinser 330 (48 spindles)
The Suseen ring frames are of Compact Spinning System. All the spindles are driven wit sectional tangential belt drive, which helps in reducing the twist variation in the final yarn and with 7" lift provided with 38mm rings.
Winding (18 Nos.)
  • Schlafhorst 238 V (16 Nos each 22 drums).
  • Savio Orion 1(2 Nos each 26 drums).
The Loefe clearers of TK93OF type with Sairo for foreign fiber removal, waxing, device attachments and all auto coners are linked directly to ring frames.
Assembly Winder (2 Nos.)
  • SSM PSF 428 (24 drums)
  • Hirschburger NSK (40 drums)
Both machines are provided with length measuring system and electronic yarn stop motion.
T.F.O (5 Nos.)
  • Volman VTS - 09-OF (2 Nos Each with 308 drums).
  • Saurer VTS-09-O (2 Nos each with 144 spindles).
  • Vijay Lakshmi HS12O(168 spindles)
Bigger packages with longer length of knotless yarn can be produced.
Yarn Conditioning Plant (1 No.) Welker Vapofix Helps in improving the quality of yarn in cone packages and in further processes.

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